Oxford Road Community School


Foundation Stage 

Children are born with a natural desire to explore and    learn and in our Foundation Stage at Oxford Road we      take our lead from what the children are interested in         at that moment. We employ a 'planning in the moment' approach to allow us to do this. Adults join the children in their play and look for the teachable moment where we can introduce new skills and support them on their unique learning journey.

Foundation Stage at the Oxford Road incorporates a morning nursery, afternoon nursery and Reception class. We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage framework which outlines 7 areas of development.

The prime areas of learning are:

  • Communication and Language - Speaking, Undertsnading and Listening and Attention
  • Physical Development - Moving and Handling, Health and Self Care
  • Personal, Social and Emotional  Developmment - Managing feelings and behaviour, Self-confidence and Self awareness, Making relationships.

The Specific Areas of learning are:

  • Mathematics - Number, Shape, space and measure
  • Literacy - Reading and Writing
  • Understanding the World - People and Communities, The World, Technology
  • Expressive Arts and Design - Using media and materials, Being imaginative

For more information on children's development please follow the link to the very useful document What to expect, when.

We welcome visitors to our setting so that you can see the nurturing environment we have created that meets the children's physical and emotional needs. If you visit Oxford Road you will see that our children are independent, purposeful and engaged.

Please keep up to date with what we are doing by visiting our Foundation Stage Blog and the news section on the website.

For more information about our Nursery setting, please follow the link to our Nursery Booklet that should answer any questions you may have. 

 Visit from Owen's Animals 

Reception class really enjoyed meeting Owen and his bearded dragon yesterday. What a beautiful animal!


Read, Write Inc parent workshops in Reception

A big thank you to all of our parents who attended our RWI workshops.  The feedback has been very positive with all of our parents who attended saying that they now feel much more confident to support with reading and writing at home. Stay tuned for dates for the next workshop.

 We know that it can sometimes be tricky to know the sounds that different letters make so Eshal has, very kindly, stepped in to show us our set 1 sounds. 

Learning outside in Foundation Stage


In foundation stage at Oxford Road we love learning outside.  Recently we have been busy learning how to skateboard! 



Problem solving skills 

We were showing our problem solving, scientific and technology skills today in Reception. Tianna designed this bridge at home, then created her design carefully using the blocks. It balances because she counted the blocks on each side to make it symmetrical. We think you'll agree it is an engineering feat! Can you guess which bridge she was trying to replicate?


 Cooking in Foundation Stage

A big thank you to our friends at Ella's Kitchen who came into school today to teach us how to make cheese and tomato wraps, fruit crumble and smoothies.  Yum Yum!

Woodwork in Foundation Stage

We really enjoy using real tools at our woodwork bench. Some of our more recent creations include - The Batmobile, fidget spinners and selfie sticks.