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 Topic- Our topic this term is all about the history of British transport, focusing specifically on the development of the steam train and canal boat. Click here to find out more about the first ever steam trains and some of the famous engineers who worked to develop the engines from the 1800's onwards.  Click here for more information on the development of road, canal, train and boat transport in the UK.

Final Swimming LessoN







Mystery at Magpie Manor 

 Science Week

This week we are exploring electrical journeys by creating circuits to light a bulb. We first hypothesised whether we could light a bulb using a lemon, wires and crocodile clips, nails, copper 2p coins and a bulb. Working in teams of 3, we explored circuit making to test our hypothesis.


Thursday 28th February was our first Year 4 swimming session at Rivermead. Check out our first session photos below...

 Mystery at Magpie Manor

 Collaboration with Wilson

On Wednesday 6th March, the Year 1's from Wilson came to visit ORCS. Our after school steel pan group; Leo, Akyeampong, Insha, Raul and Aniyah supported Mary in teaching the Year 1's how to play the pans, whilst the rest of us taught them how to create electrical circuits. We used batteries, foil, wires, crocodile clips, fans, motors, switches and bulbs. See below for some photos...

Design Technology

We have been describing and analysing masks from Ancient Benin. We then used a selection of recycled materials, and adhesives to design and create our own West African inspired masks. Once strengthened and stiffened, we decorated and embellished our masks with buttons, paint and patterns; some magpied from sources and some new. Here we are at work ...


Djembe Drumming

Miss Cooper taught us all about djembe drums this week in a special music lesson. We talked about how we can move the drum to create a louder amplitude and how to change the pitch using bass and open tone drumming. We practised through a call and response chant, then created our own chants to retell the story of the Ancient Benin creation tales.

This week we are continuing to work on our story writing skills. We have explored direct speech (using inverted commas), choosing appropriate literary features and vocabulary and introducing fronted adverbials to show time, place and manner. On Wednesday, we learnt the beginning of a West African Creation story using a T4W map. We learnt learnt some new vocabulary and fronted adverbials to add to our working word wall. Have a go at practising the story start at home...

On Wednesday 6th February we attended a spectacular hockey tournament at Ranikhet School. We competed against teams from Coley, Wilson, Ranikhet and Battle Primary schools and had a fantastic day out learning, practising and perfecting our hockey skills. Here are some of the photos from our trip out.


This half term, in Science, we will be exploring 'Sound and Hearing'. We discussed what we thought sound was, made predictions as to what we thought would happen when we put tuning forks into water, hit a drum next to a palm full of rice and hummed next to sprinkles on cling film. We recorded our predictions and created our own investigative questions. Click on the picture below to find out more about the human ear.



On Tuesday 15th January, we were INCREDIBLY lucky to have a visit from a real life published author, Hilary Robinson, and an illustrator called Lewis. She told us all about her books, the process of writing a book and shared her fascinating link to Oxford Road Community School. Have a look on her websites to find out more about her, and her stories. https://www.hilaryrobinson.co.uk/


Image result for saving the world

Science Do animals have the same type of teeth as human? Click here to find out!

We explored the start of the digestive system by looking at the 2 sets of human teeth; milk and adult. We can now name and explain the function of each type of human tooth. We created labelled diagrams, then, using air dry clay, created our own models.

Christmas Lunch 14.12.18 On Friday 14th December we shared our Christmas lunch. Here are a few pics... 

TOPIC- We have been working hard on our mapwork this week, naming and locating countries in the UK, as well as countries in Europe. We have been using atlases to help us find places, their flags and capital cities. Find out more about our fascinating world and it's 195 countries using this awesome online resource... CLICK ON THE MAP!

On Thursday 22nd November, we visited The Living Rainforest, here is a little video of our INCREDIBLE day out.

English We are focusing on persuasive writing this half term. We have learnt a persuasive letter to Harry Kane to help us in the lead up to our hot task. We can read this with expression, in a loud, clear voice. 

Challenge: Can you create some actions at home to accompany our T4W map?

Science This week in Science we are continuing to look at endangered animals from South America. We have been working hard to do some research and create our own animal fact files.  Click here to find out about some of the world's endangered animals.


Henri Rousseau Artwork 

We analysed some of Rousseau's rainforest paintings and discussed what we liked and disliked about his work. We then learnt some sketching techniques to help us improve our realistic drawing. Here are some of our fabulous sketches...


This term we are learning about the world around us, and more specifically, the Amazon rainforest. We have been exploring atlases to locate the equator and tropics of cancer and capricorn to help us better understand the climates of the globe.


In Science, we have been learning how to classify animals. We started by grouping animals into vertebrates and invertebrates, and then looked at the 5 subcategories of vertebrates: fish, birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians. 


We found exceptions to the rules...

Duck-billed platypuses and echidnas (both mammals which lay eggs, and a shark (a fish which gives birth to live young)


During Guided Reading, we have been analysing and evaluating fiction and non-fiction texts, including 'The Vanishing Rainforest', 'The Great Kapok Tree' and 'The Shaman's Apprentice'. We have used VIPERS to ask and answer questions to further our reading comprehension skills.

Image result for the vanishing rainforest    Image result for the great kapok tree    Image result for the shaman's apprentice


This week, we are continuing to explore recount writing. We have identified features of great recounts and imitated these in our T4W text.  We are now learning to innovate and invent our own imaginative and exciting recounts. 


Hawthorn Good News!

Good News - 7.9.18                        Good News - 30.11.18                            Good News - 10.5.19

Good News - 14.9.18                      Good News - 14.12.18

Good News- 28.9.18                      Good News - 11.1.19

Good News - 12.10.18                    Good News - 18.1.19

Good News - 2.11.18                      Good News - 1.3.19

Good News - 16.11.18                  Good News - 26.4.19


Homework - Term 1

Homework - Term 2

Homework - Term 3

Homework - Term 4

Homework - Term 5


HIGH FREQUENCY WORDS                                                 YEAR 3/4 100 SPELLING WORDS

Term 5 Spellings

Spellings 26.4.19                                                                  Spellings Aflah, Daniela, Jamal, Rohan, Lara 26.4.19

Spellings 3.5.19                                                                    Spellings Aflah, Daniela, Jamal, Rohan, Lara 3.5.19

Spellings 10.5.19                                                                 Spellings Aflah, Daniela, Jamal, Rohan, Lara 10.5.19

Spellings 17.5.19                                                                Spellings Aflah, Daniela, Jamal, Rohan, Lara 17.5.19


a/an                                                contractions                                            apostrophes for possession                        homophone definitions                           

subordinate clauses                singular and plural                              fronted adverbials                                            expanded noun phrases

past tense                                    apostrophes for contractions          homophones                                                      pronoun game  

pronoun game 2


rounding numbers                            counting in 3's                    counting in 7's                fact families                                                      fractions of shapes                              Ordering decimals                  

place value (Th/H/T/U)                    counting in 4's                    counting in 8's                subtraction game                                          fraction games

roman numerals                                counting in 6's                     counting in 9's              multiply and divide by 10/100/100          fraction dolphin racing

Hit the button                                     sequencing challenge      subtraction game        division practice                                              FRACTION WALL

comparing fractions


food chain/habitat game at home            Sound and hearing                       Electrical Safety

parts of an insect                                              Volume and Pitch                        Solids, liquids and gases

labelling parts of an insect                           Electricity circuits

WELCOME to Year 4!

Welcome to Year 4! This term will be learning all about 'Saving our World'. We will be doing geographical and scientific research into the rainforests of the world and discussing what we can do to protect our resources. In literacy we will be writing factual recounts, persuasive letters as well as planning and writing our own fantasy stories. 

In Maths, our first term will focus on number skills, place value and rounding, as well as formal written and mental addition and subtraction strategies.


This term's homework will be given out Friday 7.9.18 and will be due in every Friday for our class sharing session.

In addition to this, children will be expected to learn some spellings for their spelling test, which will take place every Friday morning.


PE will take place every week on a Thursday afternoon. Please ensure your child has a full PE kit in school every Monday and should stay in school until the end of the week.

PE kit is a white or pale yellow t-shirt/polo shirt, white or black shorts/joggers and plain trainers/pumps.


Library for our class will take place on Monday afternoon. Your child will bring home a book of their choice and should be recording their reading in their reading journals. The book should stay in their school bag so that it can be swapped or checked every week during library time. 

Thank you very much for your continued support. If you wish to talk with me about any issues or concerns please come and see me at the end of the school day or make an appointment with Mrs Wardle. 

Kind regards, 

Mrs Machin