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Spectacular Students!!

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 Welcome Year 6

SATS information for parents

Please find below a list of resources from the meeting. Please check back frequently for updates and learning support for the children. 

 SATS powerpoint

Parents guide to coping with SATS

Parent hand-out

This week...

Welcome back after half term break. We hope you all had a lovely time!

This week we have been  promoting independence in writing. Children are extremely excited about having more ownership over their choice of text type. In order to prepare them for this, we have had a learning session on understanding the purpose and audience for particular text types. We spoke at great length about different things we have learned so far in our topic and how they could relate to current affairs, including animal captivity and the problem with plastic in our oceans. Your children showed great empathy and were extremely passionate about climate change and the future of the ocean, and decided on an individual piece of writing. We discussed who our audiences could be and the children came up with ideas such as writing to the big supermarkets trying to persuade them to stop using plastic packaging leaflets about evolution to display at the Natural History Museum, and also using a class twitter page to tweet the writing to the whole world! So parents, be proud and watch this space...

We also did our maths hot task to illustrate the children's progress in Number and Place Value from last term. The children are very proud of what they have achieved so far and are looking forward to developing their calculation and fraction knowledge and skills in the next few weeks.


Monsters University

Monsters University is beginning this term - this is always one of the highlights for year 6 children and we look forward to sharing photos and information about it with you after our first trip - Friday 9th November. 


Come and have a look at what we are celebrating...




Welcome to our new Year 6 page for 2018-2019! This term we will be learning all about Extreme Survivors. This gives us a good opportunity to develop our scientific skills as we investigate and explore evolution, adaptation and survival in extreme climates. The class are looking forward to their new topic, in addition to writing biographies and explanation texts in Literacy and place value and calculation in Maths. 

Good News

Good News 10.9.18

Good News 14.9.18

Good News 27.9.18


This term's homework will be given out Friday 2.11.18 and will be due in every Friday for our class sharing session.

In addition to this, children will be expected to learn some spellings for their spelling test, which will take place every Thursday afternoon.

Below is the homework for our class this term:

Homework Term 2



This term's P.E. is on Thursday morning, when we are going swimming at Rivermead Leisure Centre.


Library for our class will take place on Wednesday afternoon. Your child will bring home a book of their choice and should be recording their reading in their reading journals. The book should stay in their school bag so that it can be swapped or checked every week during library time. 

Thank you very much for your continued support. If you wish to talk with me about any issues or concerns please come and see me at the end of the school day or make an appointment with Mrs Wardle. 


Kind regards, 

Miss Murphy

Please see the information that was available at the Meet the Teacher appointment from last term. This will give you all the information you need about your child in year 6. 


Year 6 Meet the Teacher Information

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