Oxford Road Community School


Oxford Road Community School and Wilson Primary School have a strong history of informally working together and over the past eighteen months have been looking more closely at the option of creating a federation of the two schools.  This month the Governing Bodies at both schools have decided to consult with parents/carers, staff and other interested parties on making this partnership formal by establishing a federation that will allow us to work closer and to share resources and expertise, always keeping the focus on providing our children with the best education and opportunities possible whilst at the same time enabling each school to preserve its individual character and ethos.

 For more detail on the proposal please click here.

There is also a document covering Frequently Asked Questions here.

 If you have a question that hasn't been covered please send it to consultation@oxfordroad.reading.sch.uk or come along to a drop-in session to ask us directly, dates are listed in the document. 

Views can be submitted via a quick survey at https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/WCSQRL3