As part the ‘Olympic Legacy’, the government provided £150 million to provide new and substantial primary school sport funding. The funding was jointly provided by the Department for Education, Health and Culture and Media and Sport. It meant that money goes directly to Primary Schools to spend on improving the quality of sport and P.E.

Schools received £8,000, plus an extra £5 per pupil. The money is only to be spent on sport and PE provision in schools.

What is the impact?

As a result, more children are both engaged in and enjoy, sporting activity and physical exercise. Also children are engaged in competitive sport over a wider range of sports and activities thereby having impact upon the children’s health and well-being. There has also been positive impact upon behaviour in the playground through offering a wider range of activities for the children to enjoy.


Oxford Road Community School is committed to ensure children’s health and wellbeing continually improves. We have carefully planned our future expenditure to ensure that resources can be renewed, clubs can continue to be offered to children within our community and the impact of these are reviewed on a yearly basis. As a cluster, alongside Wilson Primary School and Coley Primary School, links have been developed to provide opportunities for competition and joint participation, this has led to an increase in enjoyment and motivation for sports across the cluster. We believe that this will continue the ‘Olympic Legacy’ to sustain, develop and improve our children’s skills and attitudes towards physical activity.

The four objectives of the Primary PE and Sport Premium funding are:

  • To improve the quality of existing PE teaching through continuing professional learning in PE for generalists, so that all primary pupils improve their health, skills and physical literacy, and have broader exposure to a range of sports
  • To increase participation levels in competitive sport and healthy activity of pupils, and maintain these into adolescence
  • To increase the quality of initial teacher training in PE and sport, and to promote PE specialisation in primary level workforce
  • Schools understand and value the benefits of high quality PE and sport, including its use as a tool for whole school improvement

Click here to see how we spent our PE funding in 2015 – 2016

Click here to see our plans to spend our projected PE funding 2016-17

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