The Oxford Road Timebank is a community initiative to enable local people to share their experiences, knowledge, skills and time with each other and be rewarded for doing so through earning time ‘credits’. Every hour that someone gives to someone else is rewarded with a time credit. People can then spend their time credits by receiving help from another timebank member. Everyone within the timebank is treated as equal and everyone’s time is worth the same.

1 hour = 1 time credit.

Essentially, a timebank is about social networks and supports – providing a platform for ‘good neighbourliness’ and for people to make connections and friendships with people they might not otherwise meet.

The main premise of the Timebank is that every human being has something special they can give. Helping not only the receiver, but just as importantly allowing the giver to maintain a sense of worth. There is a basic human need to make a difference, and to feel that by existing you do make a difference. The Timebank can help fill this need. “I need you as well as you need me, we need each other” This is the message of Timebanking. Knowing who you can trust in the modern day is a real problem for many people; the Timebank is aiming to bring that feeling of trust back to the local neighbourhood.

We are delighted that the Oxford Road Community School has joined the Timebank. We are offering time credits to Timebank members who go in to the school for a variety of activities. These include Storytelling, art and craft workshops, help with individual reading, outside maintenance, etc. In return the children will help within the community by shopping or cleaning up local areas in return for time credits for the school.

The Timebank hopes to have as many people living in the local area sign up as possible. It is free to join, if you are interested and would like more information please contact me, I would be delighted to hear from you.

Cathy Timmis – admin@oxfordroadtimebank.org.uk 07415 248266

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