School meals are provided by Chartwells.  The school uses ParentPay for parents / carers to book meal choices and to pay for school meals (and from January 2017 this will be extended to payment for all school trips and activities such as swimming and clubs).  Please note we no longer accept cash or cheques in school.  Parents / carers who do not have to pay for school meals (children in Reception, Year 1, Year 2 and any children entitled to Free School Meals) must still use a ParentPay account to book meal choices on line.  You can use ParentPay at any time of the day or the week from your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.  Please ask at the school office if you do not have access to the internet at home or need help using your account.

Log on to ParentPay ( and select the Making Bookings tab to select meals for your child.  Click on your child’s choice of meal and the meal you have selected will change to green. Do not use the Menu Selection tab as this will only show the meals but not allow you to select choices.   If your child changes their mind and wants to select a different meal later, click on the date above the daily menu and then re-select.  Once you get the hang of it why not book right through to the end of the academic year?  However, if are still uncertain what to do, please contact the school for guidance.

You can view Chartwell’s menu, choose, book school meals and if applicable, pay for school meals at a time that suits you – day or night.  The ParentPay website should be available from any computer or mobile device.  Don’t forget that parents of children who are entitled to Universal Infant Free School Meals ( Reception, Year 1 and Year 2) must also register and activate their child’s account and book their meal choice online. 

If you child is unable to come to school you must cancel the meal before 9am.  If you miss this deadline Chartwells will still charge any parents who pay for meals and in the case of children who receive either Universal Infant Free School Meals or Free School Meals, the school will be charged.  Please don’t waste either the school’s valuable resources or your own money and remember to cancel the meal at the same time as you report the child’s absence.

To see the weekly menus for Oxford Road Community School please click here.  For more general information please visit Chartwells’ Dine at School website.

Here are some of the dishes on the menu that your child could choose:

Fishcake       Leek and Cheese Bake      Chinese Chicken Noodles    Cheese and Sweetcorn Quiche

Chocolate and Banana Muffin    Peach Sponge   Chocolate Sponge

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