Oxford Road Community School

Nursery - Foundation Stage

Nursery Class Timetable:

 Our Nursery day is unique to every child, please take a look at our Nursery Timetable  to understand how we maximise every child's potential to learn in their session.

What have we been learning in Nursery class?

Our carpet and group times are always focused on developing children's communication and language skills. Take a look at our Nursery Curriculum Outline  to see what we are learning through our adult directed times of the day (carpet and group times).

For many children in our setting Nursery is their first experience of being away from their main carers, they are learning to build relationships with key adults and their peers; extending their sense of safety beyond their home environment.  As children experience positive interactions with adults in the setting and their peers they develop their sense of emotional safety and wellbeing. This wellbeing is essential for children to feel at ease in the setting and to become involved in their play.  For more information on children's wellbeing and involvement take a look at the Leuven scale which we use to assess children's early play. 

Planning in the moment allows us to deliver a highly personalised learning experience for our children, their days will all be unique to them. Please see a video which summarises just a small part of what the children in our Nursery have been learning this term:


Nursery Transition Booklet - A helpful booklet for children and families of children who are starting our Nursery

Nursery Read and share a lot texts:

The Very Hungry Caterpillar – Eric Carle

The Gingerbread man

Brown Bear Brown Bear What do you see? – Eric Carle

Owl Babies – Martin Waddell

The Tiger who came to tea – Judith Kerr

Come on, Daisy! –Jane Simmons

Alfie’s feet – Shirley Hughes

Whatever Next – Jill Murphy

Little Red Riding Hood

Oi Frog! - Kes Grey

We’re going on a Bear Hunt – Michael Rosen

Monkey and Me – Emily Gravett

Peace at Last – Jill Murphy

Farmer Duck - Martin Waddell