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Welcome to Year 3

 Welcome to our class page. The teachers in our class are.........


Miss Moore                                     Mrs Johnson                             Mrs Piaskowska-Angarita

Good News - Spring Term



Spellings - Spring Term

Term 3 Spelling List

Homework - Spring Term

 Homework: Term 3

Topic - LAND: What if the Earth didn't Move?

This term we are studying the land and learning about the Earth's movement and how it affects day-to day life. We will be asking questions such as:

- Where are we in the world?

- What causes the Earth to move?

- What impacts does the Earth's movement have on day-to-day life?

Have a look at our knowledge organiser below to find out more about what we will be learning this term.

Piktochart - Spring Term

Here is what we will be covering across the curriculum this term:

 Maths - Fractions

Our Maths focus for Term 3 is on fractions. To help your children develop their knowledge on fractions, here are some tablet friendly games.






Remember to keep practising your times tables too!





Homework Heroes - Spring Term

Here is some of the great homework we have had come in this term!

Hasnain made a fantastic model of a volcano!

 Spellings - Autumn Term

Term 1 spelling list

Term 2 spelling list

Good News - Autumn Term









Homework - Autumn Term

Term 1

Term 2

Homework Heroes - Autumn Term

This is Layla's incredible Stig Den! He's got carpet and furniture. Great work Layla. It looks very comfortable.


Hem has created some wonderful prehistoric jewellery:



Alex and Jakub had some wonderful arguments as to why the invention of the controlled use of fire is a good thing.




Maths games

Hit the button

Place value game

Shark numbers

INVENTIONS: How would life be different if early inventions had never happened?

This term we are studying the Stone Age to the Iron Age. We have been reading 'Stig of the Dump' in Guided Reading and writing Stone Age adventure stories in our literacy lessons.

Have a look at our topic web below to find out more about what we will be learning this term.

Here is our KNOWLEDGE ORGANISER for our early inventions topic. Find out more about the chronology, facts, key vocabulary and some useful resources and books to help build your knowledge of our topic.

Inventions - Prehistoric Axes

As part of our design and Topic lessons this term we made prehistoric axes. We used papier mache to mould the shape of our axes and then painted our axes the colour of our choice. Blue = Stone Age, Red = Bronze Age and Grey = Iron Age. 

Year 3 trip to Reading Museum - 15.11.19

We had a fabulous time at Reading Museum learning about prehistory. We got to make coins, construct a Neolithic house and handle real Stone Age tools. 

Here are some photos from our wonderful day out!




























Useful websites to learn more about prehistory:




Reading - Autumn Term

To encourage reading children can share all the amazing books they have read through our reading wall. 

Each time they have read a book a picture of the cover goes on their peg. 

This is our wall at the end of Term 1. Well done to those children who have multiple books pegged up!

After another 6 weeks of reading, this is our reading wall at the end of Term 2. Another great term of reading. Well done Year 3. 

PE - Autumn Term

In term 1 Year 3 have been learning a prehistoric themed dance to 'Everybody Walk the Dinosaur.'

Thanks to all the family and friends who came to watch us perform. We're glad you enjoyed our dance.


Christmas 2019

As part of our Christmas celebrations we sang for the members of the Reading Association for the Blind at their Christmas party. We had a wonderful time getting to know the members and playing Pass the Parcel.