Oxford Road Community School


Community is an essential element of Oxford Road Community School and the Federation.

The African saying 'it takes a village to raise a child’ is at the heart of our educational vision. As a school, we want to ‘raise’ our children, to give them the best opportunities to shine, to be healthy, happy, resilient, resourceful and inquisitive.  We know that school is not the only source of knowledge and skill available to a child in order for them to become successful. We truly believe that the entire school community must be involved with our education; to care, to nurture and celebrate our children in order for them to thrive and grow in a safe and healthy environment. All stakeholders need to play a part in helping our child to develop.

We actively encourage wider involvement from our community and we invite a range of individuals and organisations to come into school and further enhance the curriculum. Our children are also provided with opportunities to widen their learning through trips and visits and spending time within the community.

Time capsules

At a ceremony on Thursday 26 May 2022, our children, alongside the Mayor of Reading, buried four time capsules on the construction site at Rivermead to reflect life at the present time. The children from years 3 to 6 have all given mementos for the future residents of Reading to see a reflection of what life was like in 2022, including everyday or ‘on-this-day’ items, such as a copy of a local newspaper and a national newspaper, alongside:

  • Pictures of the future (what the children and the local area will look like)
  • Letters to people in the future
  • Quizzes and current likes and dislikes
  • Toys and a chocolate bar
  • A school jumper
  • Class photos
  • Local transport information
  • Information about living through Covid
  • Facts about prices in 2022
  • Eurovision and World Cup information

Click here to see the video of the morning and click here to see photos of the event.

Here are some of your children visiting the Oxford Road Community Garden. They painted pictures and built bird boxes to put up and encourage wildlife. This is definitely one of our favourite places to visit.