Oxford Road Community School

University of Monsters (UoM) 

UoM is an ongoing project between ORCS and University of Reading Students Union.

Our Year 6 pupils ‘enrol’ at UoM and make 4 visits to the University Whiteknights campus during their last year at ORCS. This includes a real graduation ceremony where our UoM graduates receive their certificate scrolls from the Vice Chancellor of UoR, as well as the chance to wear gowns and mortar-boards – parents and families are invited to this in the spring.

During their 3 other visits our pupils get to see the campus and learn all about what University is, where they are and what they can study there. They also get the chance to attend ‘lectures’ in a selection of subjects at the university and also take part in some of the clubs and societies running at UoR.

For our Year 6s this is an amazing opportunity to visit one of the UK’s top Universities and it’s fantastic parkland campus. We also hope that it will help to inspire them to aspire to think about going on to study at college and University in the future. Finally the transition to ‘big’ school and large buildings at secondary school may not seem so daunting after spending time at the University campus!

“cleveriam et i terrifium in de classerum”