Oxford Road Community School

Oxford Road Project

Community Gardens 

The Oxford Road Community Gardens is an oasis just off the Oxford Road, and a space our classes have been using this term. 

Year 5 and 6 visited in the Spring term and made a list of things that they wanted to do for the local community who use the garden. On the list were a number of repairs, gardening projects and improving the provision for wildlife.

Years 5 and 6 then designed, made and put up a bird box, an owl box, a bug hotel, some bird artwork as well as some painted stones to make people smile while in the garden. 

Have a look at our photos below...


We are hoping to continue to use the Community Gardens in the future as a place to relax, garden as well as providing us with opportunities to make an impact in the community.


Aaron, a local graffiti artist was commissioned by Reading Borough Council, as part of the ongoing Heritage Action Zone, to create a piece of community artwork to celebrate the Oxford Road. We were lucky enough to visit a few times to see the progress of the artwork. Have a look at the pictures below...

We then created brainstorms of what the Oxford Road meant to us and had a go at creating a piece of artwork to represent the local area and our identity within it. These pieces were then pieced together to create our own banner outside our school.