Oxford Road Community School

New SEND class

What is Willow class?

Willow class is a proposed new class based at Oxford Road Community School for selected children. This is a resourced provision supported by Brighter Futures for Children.

This class is a small, nurturing provision for children who will benefit from small group teaching with specialised teaching and learning opportunities.

Children who attend Willow Class will still be part of the main school and a plan will be made for them to attend parts of the school day with their peers as appropriate. This is important to ensure that children still feel part of their current peer group.

How will Willow class support a child?

Children who attend Willow Class will have a highly personalised curriculum and experience.

They will be part of a very small class of children (around 10 children) with a high level of staff support.

Everything planned within Willow class will be tailored to meet the needs of the children and build upon their strengths.

Children will work with a core group of staff who will get to know them and how they learn best. Staff will use this knowledge and experience to support them to access mainstream learning where appropriate.  

How is admission to Willow Class arranged?

Willow class is an Alternatively Resourced Provision and places in Willow Class have to be agreed by the school and the SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) team in Brighter Futures for Children. If we feel that a child would benefit from a place in Willow class we will discuss this with parents and Brighter Futures for Children. Children who attend Willow Class should have an EHCP. Attending Oxford Road Community School does not guarantee that a child will get a place in Willow Class – applications have to be made through the Brighter Futures for Children SEND team.

How will parents be involved?

We are looking forward to working with parents to support children who attend Willow Class.

Parents know their child best and staff will contact parents regularly to talk about how things are going. Staff are always very happy to answer any questions or discuss anything that parents wish to talk through. Parents are always welcome to contact staff via the school office or see staff when dropping off their child off in the morning. Parents will also receive updates via your usual parents evenings.

How will a child’s current class teacher be involved?

The relationship that a child has with their current class teacher is a very important one. Class teachers will continue to spend some time with a child and they will also visit them whilst they are in Willow Class. When a child moves onto the next year this transition will be planned between Willows staff, their current class teacher and their new class teacher.

How long a child attend Willow Class?

The school have not set a restriction on the time that a child can attend. These decisions will be made on an individual basis with the best interests of the child in mind. If it is felt that a child is ready to move back to their mainstream class for more of their school day this will be discussed with parents and a detailed transition plan will be put in place.

If it is felt that Willow Class is not meeting the needs of a child and that more specialist support is required this will be discussed with parents and a joint plan created.

If you would like further information please contact Polly O'Donnell