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Mothers Day Lunch - 27th March 2019

If you have booked and paid for a mothers day meal tomorrow, please see the timings below to be able to eat with your child. 

We have arranged the meals so that you will be able to eat with all your children if you have more than one in school. Your sitting depends on the age of your youngest child

If your youngest child is in:

Reception: Please arrive at 11:30am to eat with your child(ren)

Year 1 or 2: Please arrive at 11:50am to eat with your child(ren)

Year 3,4,5 or 6: Please arrive at 12:30pm to eat with your child(ren)

Please come to the main office where you will be signed in and then taken to see your child and eat with them.

Unfortunately, if you have not booked, we are unable to add parents on to the list for dinners. 

Please share this information with any parents who you think might not have seen it. 

Thank you