Oxford Road Community School

Severe Weather Days

The school will stay open if at all possible when there is severe weather such as deep/drifting snow, very high winds, widespread flooding.

Parents and carers have the responsibility of getting children/pupils to and from school safely and need to decide if the journey is safe when severe weather affects transport and/or walking conditions.

Parents and carers should inform schools if their child is absent due to severe conditions making the journey unsafe. Please consider carefully and only keep children at home if conditions are unsafe.

We will try our very best to remain open during snowfalls. The main reasons we would close would be:

• Safety around the site and building
• Lack of heating/water
• Closure of school kitchen
• Staff being physically unable to get to school in
  enough numbers to make it safe for the children to be
  supervised during the day.

If on the rare occasion school closes at a time within the school day, parents/carers will be informed by text and email. There will also be a message sent out on Local Radio if the decision is made before 7.00 a.m.

Late opening is also a possibility in poor weather conditions and schools will either inform parents the night before or via the Local Radio.

If conditions worsen in the school day and the school feel it is absolutely necessary to send the children home early, parents will be contacted by text message.

Below is a list of local stations and their frequencies:

BBC Radio Berkshire
104.4, 104.1, 65.4 and 94.6 FM
97.0, 102.9 and 103.4 FM
Reading 107fm
107 FM