Oxford Road Community School

Return to school - Thursday 2nd September


I hope you have all been able to have some time to relax over the summer period and spent time together as a family. We didn't quite get the weather we might have liked but having time away from our normal daily routines is always important.

Looking forward to the return to school this week, I would just like to share some helpful information.


Start and End times


Class Times Door
Parent will have received a specific start date and times for their child beginning Nursery. Once all children have started, these are the normal Nursery hours
8.30am - 11.30am (morning nursery)
12.00pm - 3.00pm (afternoon nursery)
* A few children are undertaking 30 hours provision and will stay from 8.30 am - 3.00pm
Main school front door (drop off and pick up)
Reception 8.40am - 3.00pm Main playground by FS wooden fencing
Year 1 8.40am - 3.00pm Main playground - main door into KS1
Year 2 8.40am - 3.00pm Main playground - Year 2 classroom
Year 3 8.40am - 3.00pm Main playground - door near playground gates
Year 4 8.40am - 3.00pm Main playground - Middle door (with ramp)
Year 5 8.40am - 3.00pm Main playground - door near playground gates
Year 6 8.40am - 3.00pm Main playground - Middle door (with ramp)


Covid Information

Whilst Government requirements are much reduced now, could I please ask parents to try and maintain social distancing where possible and to avoid gathering close to the entrance and exit doors when dropping off and picking up your children. Wearing of masks is equally encouraged if this makes parents feel more comfortable. 


Other information regarding school changes are

  • Classes are no longer required to work in class bubbles (however there is little movement of children between classes during a normal school day)
  • Assemblies can take place - we will be introducing these slowly and keeping children in their key stages for the first term as it has been a long time since children have all been together. Some of our children have never sat in the school hall before!
  • Breaktime and lunchtimes are no longer required to operate in bubbles - again, FS, KS1 & KS2 have staggered breaktimes and lunchtimes anyway due to the small playground so we will never have the whole school outside together during those times.
  • We will of course maintain our previous hygiene measures - keeping occupied spaces ventilated, regular handwashing/sanitising and we will ensure we follow the government guidelines if we have to manage a case of COVID. 


We are so excited about our children returning on Thursday 2nd (Wednesday 1st is an inset day so no children in school). We cannot wait to begin a new school year. It will be wonderful to have the children back together and starting new learning and experiences.


Enjoy the last few days and I look forward to seeing you on Thursday