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January 2022 School start and end times

Dear Parents,

As you will be aware, the government has now changed the guidance regarding contacts of people with confirmed coronavirus (COVID-19) infection who do not live with the person. 

The current advice is as follows;


If a child is identified as a close contact, the child should take a Lateral Flow test every day for 7 days.

  • If a child tests negative, they can continue to attend their education setting. 
  • If your child tests positive, they must isolate for 10 days. The isolation period can now be reduced from 10 days if your child no longer has a temperature and if they have two negative lateral flow tests. The lateral flow tests must not start before day six. Your child must have two negative lateral flow tests at least 24 hours apart. Isolation can end immediately after the second negative lateral flow test.

We have had a number of positive cases across the Federation since the start of term and we have had to inform parents that their child is a close contact. A number of parents have been undertaking the Lateral Flow test every day however this has not been everyone and as a result there is an increased risk of infection spreading further within the class. 

We know that there is a national shortage of Lateral Flow Tests however, could we please encourage all parents to order or collect Lateral Flow tests this week so that if the school reports a positive case in a class, all parents are able to undertake tests every day. 

Lateral flow tests can be ordered from https://www.gov.uk/order-coronavirus-rapid-lateral-flow-tests

Or you can collect from a local pharmacy. Please click on the link to see where you can collect. https://maps.test-and-trace.nhs.uk/#/location/RG1 



If your child has been asked to undertake Lateral Flow tests due to a positive case the result needs to be reported through the Online Reporting System 


Parents are also required to inform the school. The school have set up an on-line form onto the website for parents to share this information 


I understand that this is an additional expectation for parents however, we all have a responsibility to work together to ensure Covid does not spread throughout the school and that we can remain open for our children to attend every day. 

Many thanks

Claire Hurst

Executive Headteacher

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